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Why a Mortgagee

Learn how astute investors purchase Australian real estate at below market
value that provides instant equity and positive cashflow.

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Do you need to
Sell urgently ?

More information for distressed real estate owners and property developers
that urgently need to dispose of real estate assets to provide liquidity.

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Mortgagee Investors
Club Membership

The Club is a syndicate of high net worth, investors that has
the buying power to aquire large tranches of real estate.

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Why Choose
our Firm?

Find real estate opportunities
instantly from our private mortgagee lists.

Investors interested in buying a mortgagee property

Types of

Who is offering the distressed mortgagee real estate for sale

It can be a property developer, company, the bank, any other lending institution, or even the government.

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Where did these properties come from?


Questions that need to be answered about a mortgagee property

Where did these properties come from? How many properties are available? Can I get a mortgage for these properties?

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Knowledge of the Australia real estate market

Real Estate

Buying Australia real estate property is not a light matter

You are investing a significant amount of money and it is important to have knowledge of the local market.

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